Archvied a Bunch of Sites

I’ve archived a lot of sites. Wacky Japanese, Hunting Dragons, Pact of Wolves, GeekWelt, and so on. Some of these might be back, others won’t – the move is a cleanup; I’ve absolutely neglected these sites and there’s just not enough time for me to change that.

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Email running on Ephesus

I’ve flipped the switch on email. Everything is running via Ephesus now. Do let me know if there are any issues.


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Webserver Outage June 23rd

The webserver had hardware issues yesterday, dying at about 19:30. The awesome folks at Hetzner fixed it, but I had to reconfigure the machine with a very annoying terminal which brought the total downtime to about 2.5 hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Email is Moving!

All email accounts will move from Tangramayne to Ephesus. I already did all accounts, and pandemonium will come later. Forwards for other domains will also be moved this week.

If you do not require your email accounts anymore, please let me know. Likewise, if there are any issues, get in touch.

I’ll try to talk to everybody who has an account but I can’t promise to catch all of you.

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Kindle Blog

I’ve added a blog about Amazon’s Kindle – home for all things related to Amazon’s eBook reader.

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Farewell, Thessalonica

Today, was decomissioned.

The machine had served me well. After it was bought 2005 to host Underdark Adventures, it grew to become my main webserver for the following five years. Now it fell victim to advanced age. If you are a Hetzner customer: this machine had an ID in the 6000’s.

Goodbye Thessalonica, may you rest in pieces in whatever scrapheap they bury you.

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Jabber has moved

Hi All!

Jabber has moved to the new server. If you are having issues due to DNS lag, make sure that resolves to

As a bonus, I finally renewed the SSL-certificate. 😉

I did change one thing; encryption is now mandatory between client and server so please tell your clients to use TLS if they do not do that automatically.


– Nils

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Server Changes

Hello guys!

If you still use the old Tangramayne – the server in the n@work datacenter in Hamburg, then please let me know as soon as possible. The server will be retired within the month.

The exception are, of course, all owners of Email addresses. Those will be migrated seamlessly (hopefully!) to new hardware.



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Blog Added: Hunting Dragons

Hunting Dragons will chronicle my progress over the next two years, as I play World of Warcraft: Cataclysm as my Night Elf Hunter.

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Blog Added: Bolanle’s World

So I finally got around to migrate the last website I have running to WordPress 3.0. It’s Bolanle’s World, as you might guess the homepage of my friend Bolanle. Drop by and tell her I said Hi. 😉

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