Blog Added: The World According to Nils

It has existed since 1995 in one form or another, and has been a blog since 2001: The World According to Nils, my personal website, has now also moved to WordPress 3. I took the opportunity to also move to a new domain name,, which replaces which I used since late 1998. I really gotta say: I am very happy with WordPress 3.

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Blog Added: Skurriles aus Japan

I’ve migrated the next blog to the WordPress 3.0 installation; this being “Skurriles aus Japan”, the German-language edition of the Wacky Japanese Stuff blog. Enjoy.

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Blog Added: Enderra

I’ve migrated a third blog to the WordPress 3.0 installation: Enderra. This is my blog about my constructed worlds, about world building in general as well as game design and art.

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Blog Added: Strange Things from Japan

I’ve moved Wacky Japanese Stuff over to the new WordPress 3.0 installation. Wacky Japanese is about the weird things they do in Japan (and in other countries in the Far East). It’s all in good spirits. The blog itself has been on a bit of a hiatus, but I haven’t given up on it yet. If you have any weird Japanese / Asian news or products, send me a link and I’ll post about it!

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Blog Added: Auswanderungsblog

I’ve migrated another of my Blogs to the WP 3.0 installation. It’s called Auswandern aus Deutschland, and I wrote it back when I considered emigrating elsewhere. I never found a really exciting place to move to before life turned around and kind of invalidated the project. I may revive it eventually.

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Hello world!

This is the new Pandemonium Weblog Community, also known as my WordPress 3.0 testcase. So far, so good – it makes a good first impression and I’ll be migrating some blogs over as soon as possible (i.e. after I had some sleep). From the looks of it, the days of maintaining multiple unwieldy wordpress installations could finally be over.

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